FRI, NOVEMBER 17, 2023


Anton will grace the stage to discuss and delve deep into the narrative of his latest captivating novel, ‘The Paris Affair’. A story that spans from the dazzling streets of 1920s Paris to the heart of London during World War II, the tale promises mystery, romance, and drama. Be transported to an era where dance intertwines with danger, and secrets have the power to change everything.

Event Highlights:

  • A mesmerizing recount of the vibrant world in ‘The Paris Affair’.
  • An intimate Q&A session with Anton Du Beke.
  • Signed Book – every ticket includes a hand-signed copy of ‘The Paris Affair’ (RRP £20.00).

About Anton Du Beke:

Known as the King of the Ballroom, Anton has dazzled audiences with his moves on Strictly Come Dancing. But he’s not just fleet-footed; Anton’s storytelling prowess has captured the imagination of readers across the UK. ‘The Paris Affair’ is the 6th novel in his acclaimed Buckingham series, marking his 7th published novel.

Reserve your spot for a night that promises elegance, charm, and captivating tales. Dive deep into the world of ‘The Paris Affair’, and experience the narrative through the eyes of its creator.